Sunday, January 15, 2012

That silly girl

I asked for her permission over this. She agreed for me to post this in exchange for my consent for her to spend more than 70php tomorrow for food.

 “Sultry. I remember that dullest time of the day when all there is to hear was the sound of strides on the floor damped by the morning rain.
There I was, in a room lit by a little streak of the afternoon sun, heavily seated on an old wooden chair, taking deep breaths and giving a stare at anything that’s to be seen, with grimace written on my face. Dreary days have passed where all things just stay the same; seeing through the door people passing by, lost in thought by things in their minds.

As I began to lose my hope for anything to happen, you came in. You aren’t anyone new to me but new enough for the past days that I have been seeing the same faces. The small, dark eyes of yours, that big and rounded face with that comical smile, and that cute bear-like physique, a teddy bear just entered into the room and that changed everything.”

My teddy bear, my cute yet big best friend, so yeah, he’s a big guy and he pretty much sits and do nothing most of the time, so I don’t know how I can explain his mannerisms other than his sitting and smiling. And oh, he likes to make fun of the people he sees. Poetic, that is one thing to describe him and ridiculous, that would be another. He likes to eat, given, and likes playing football. Getting thinner or I’m sure he prefers the term healthy, is one of his goals, but I’m not sure if he remembers that. Anyway, he forgets things and that makes him repeatedly talk about things we already talked about; he is fond of asking questions which sometimes irritates me, oh well. More than that, he is a smart, loving and sweet person.

When we are together, it is more of like spending time trying to make everything look absurd or discussing how silly things are, even if they are not. We usually hang out at.. no particular place J but wherever that is, it is there where he would hold my hand and lock his fingers with mine, a single glance would say everything and his gentlest touch would just be enough for me to know and feel how blessed I am to have him.. and that flatters him. Gahd. It is with the silence that we realize how much more it means for us, letting our hearts do the talking, he says; the sweetness of doing nothing. And then he would try to blurt out some words, a few simple words that would already make my heart pound.

And that flatters him again, gahd, I hope he won’t get a way to read this. You, reader of this, please take responsibility for that.

  I just wanted to post this aehuaheuhaeuhauehae


  1. and i cant help but miss you and giggle while reading this.. now now, i guess those ears grew bigger when you read that stuff too huh??

    know that i am truly happy for you rexy.. guess ill have to change your teddy-bear code name in my blogs kasi you're someone else's teddy bear na.. haha..

    wishing you well rexy... hugs :)

  2. Thanks. aehuaheuhaeuhauehahea

    and btw, you should change ur blogs display pic too to the one in your twitter account :D

  3. i have changed it noon pa ah...:)