Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Last post for this blog

It has been a fun time sharing thoughts and ideas. This blog has served as a medium of expression of my creativity, ideas, knowledge, and experiences. It was, of course, fun while it lasted. However, things do change and at certain points in time, things end.

This would be the last post here in "Trolls running down the mountains". To give a little background for the aforementioned title (Yeah, great job giving a little history when this blog is about to close down), I have chosen this title when I was highly active in the internet. I spent most of my time, gaming, reading blogs, watching videos, and one that will surely be a guilty pleasure, trolling. Trolling was fun and it was one of my most active engagements back then (Plus trolls are cute, don't you think?).

Moving on, well, that time is now over. I have finally came to a phase of life where I have to move on and look back on the things that I have done. Currently, I am engaged into the real world where time would not be my luxury. But then again, that would be a lame excuse for missing out on something petty and fun such as blogging. Well, it's just that in the real and more serious world, there are also real and more serious experiences. This blog is just not about it. I call this as my last post, not because I am going to end my blogging life. No, I can't simply do that. Expression is important to me. Knowledge sharing, as I have experienced in the past, has been a very important experience. But that will be done, through another medium.

With that, I'm closing this blog in lieu of something different, of something new, of something better, of something more organized. I will certainly end this blog and be on hiatus. There needs to be a "rebranding" of some sort if I have to continue on pushing on this engagement. I want to share something new, through something new and hopefully better. And I believe that "Trolls running down the mountains" is not the perfect avenue. I want to create a new blog. I want to create a new name, a new title, a new identity. As for now, I do not know what topic I will focus in, but in the case that I reach the deadline that I set for myself without reaching for a specific topic, the blog will be about general stuffs.

For the avid readers of my blog (Uhh I think about 5 or 6 people? :D ), Thank you very much for your support. No matter how few the readers are, it's the thought that counts, of course. When I launch my new blog, hopefully, I could give you something better and more interesting to read. (When that time comes, please also lead other people to read or visit heh).

For everyone, I will simply keep this blog open for a month or so, so you could still browse and check my previous entries (no plagiarism of course). Once I have finalized my plans, I will shut this blog down to make way for the new one.

Once again, thanks everyone! It's been fun.
Happy New Year!