Saturday, June 25, 2011


I woke up at around 11:59am today then I remembered my dream the other night.
It was a dream but it felt so real. I was aware that I was half awake because I could see the spinning of my
electric fan's blades. I did not know what the time was but all I could remember was the rain pouring hard.

Half-awake and cold, I could hear someone opening our gates then proceeding to our main door
in the receiving area. It was all happening while I struggled to get the knife under my pillow. It was a struggle because I could feel my arms trembling by the thought of getting the weapon. The urge to get it was strong but for some weird reason, my body wouldn't cooperate. Maybe it was fear. But, how could it be fear if I was determined to rush in with the knife?

I was hearing steps and they were nearing my room's door. When the door opened I could not do anything. The trembling continued. Then, I just woke up. The rain was still pouring.

Monday, June 20, 2011

So, Rex, you still have around 4 hours before 8. What would you want to do?

I've finally done all the designs that I needed to finish before the sun rises. Now there's around 4 hours left until the first day of my OJT. I'm kind of sleepy but I don't want to oversleep again and miss my first day. Instead, I have decided to stay up and watch movies. But, before I proceed to watching probably some action packed movie, I have decided to blog.

The deafening silence, might be a classic, but it's the only way I can describe the existence of such phenomenon in my room. I was just thinking and the idea of summer popped out of my head. So here we go, let me tell you about April.

Amidst the scorching heat of summer
April has walked into my mind
As she walks gracefully into the valley of my dreams
The once barren land has seen the overgrowth of grass
The desert has seen its end as it has begun its
transformation to a meadow
Not a view of sweat and thirst
but plentiful springing of fountains
The tainted shades of orange and red
has been washed by clear blue sky
As the view of April comes through
joy makes the heart find
inner strength anew
When the heart yearns for words to say
I come up empty to a stand still
Not any motion I could convey,
but only admiration
as my mind floats
while your face sweeps
my view
Probably, April, I'll see you again
And when that time comes
I'll have the courage
to let the words flow.
Now I know you have to go
for summer is past its due.
But I'll be glad
to still be seeing you
if not today or tomorrow
maybe in May and June

Saturday, June 18, 2011

4:06 am

I understand that a lot of things can happen in a split second.
Like for example, before a droplet of rain can give the ground a gentle pat, the world has already changed.
The thing is, the rain has already stopped but I'm still here sitting idly while staring at your face like it's the sun glowing out of nimbus grey.