Friday, December 24, 2010

there's just so much food thought of blogging

so before i share to you our menu for noche buena, here's something i found at

do you see it? do you see it?!?! no?! wtf. it's right there!! look again!
yeah that's right! it's a tic tac toe, and guess who's in one of the winning move, das ryt! ishhh meee! ^o^
so that was lame right, i know. anyway just saw it while i logged on to my account and i found it pretty interesting so i figured i'd share with you guys.

and huurrayyy for me yay! it's actually the first time I included a picture in one of my blogs. (My artworks posted before do not count as it was not really a blog but just a sharing of my artworks!)


here's our menu for tonight! oh yeah and i've actually emptied my stomach just recently to save it for later (i know you know what I mean ;) *winks*)

so yeah ohohohoho moving on.

  • Leche Flan
  • Fruit Salad
  • Ref Cake
  • Baked Macaroni
  • Some pasta in olive oil and tuna and basille leaves and tomatoes (what's the name? o_O)
  • Roasted Chicken
  • Mangoes
  • kiat kiat (?)
So from the above list, those that are in green are my targets ^__________________^
oh wait, everything's in green teeeheeeeheee =]

That is all! I know Christmas is not just about food, just wanted to share what'll make me drool for tonight hahaha. Merry Christmas everyone!. Have a good time with your family, you'll hear from me soon guys!

Bye! =]

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I'm still up, just taking a break from our game development

...Finally, a time to blog.
There's always time for everything but when your schedule becomes hectic, your free time gets lessened. Good thing time can be split into hours, minutes, seconds, milliseconds, and nanoseconds. Now, I can finally insert some blogging time on my hectic schedule.

It will almost be a year since I applied as a peer counselor. It was the first time I decided on my own to join something. It was not the peer pressure nor the influence of friends that made me do it. It was my decision. I'm quite amazed by how things got interesting. Before I was an applicant, now I'm an organizer.
I'm part of the organizing team for the PC19 recruitment. In fact, I'm really hyped and excited because of our inputs in the concept paper. There will be a lot of twists. It's not a double up anymore, it's time to step up. step up 3d lol. But yeah, seriously, the PC19 recruitment is dubbed "Step Up 3d" where 3d would mean "dare to drive the distance" (credits to me for that title).

The thing is, I could have lead the recruitment but I figured, with lots of tasks given to me especially in the Community Spirituality Committee, and some academic tasks, I won't be able to reserve much of my time for this joyous occasion. Instead, I forced passed the job to Hubert so he focuses in the recruitment and not in the preparation of LSP for Pintakasi. just kidding hubz :D. I just can't express the excitement so I'm writing it down in this blog.

Well tomorrow's the first day and I hope it gets fine. So all of you PC Applicants out there reading my blog, be prepared for some gut-busting, head-crushing, pressurizing(?), and nerve-cracking twists that you'll encounter along the way.


My urgent/upcoming concerns

1. Software Engineering Project: Game Development
2. Robocode robot design
4.PC19 Recruitment
5.Coaches' Training
7.****** Project (ang labo di ko alam kung pwede ishare or hindi)
8.Big Bro/Sis Program

So someone asked me why I wasn't blogging for some time now. Well, here's a blog and also the reason. =]