Monday, May 30, 2011

I'm irresponsibly mad for you.

Summer's almost over so I dropped by to share a few things that happened this summer.
So okay, first the title of this blog is due to the recent inclination to listening to M.Buble's song and the song
Call Me Irresponsible (originally by Frank Sinatra) has been stuck in my mind. lol

Moving on, so previously I've shared some babbles about my Capstone Project. Everything about it is well and now I'm on the phase of developing it. I've done my research and gathered my resources. Just today, I've reserved my subjects and I'm going to have my OJT or Senior Practicum this coming first semester. I've chose to stay here in the city so I could still take some subjects to lessen my burden on the second (and hopefully last) semester.

Now traversing back on the previous days.

First, I had a one day REAL vacation at Pasacao. So my relatives came over and invited us to visit their resort. Well you guys already know what to expect when you're in a beach. Of course, swimming. But, with the recent surfacing of the rainy season, I was only able to swim early in the morning. The sea was really calm. Anyway, what I've enjoyed much about this one day vacation is my recent chit chats with my aunt and tito. We shared stories and I was glad to learn and hear stories about my relatives back in Leyte. Moreover, they cooked really good food. What I missed most was the grilled fish that they used to prepare every time we had a family gathering back in Leyte. Other than that, they also prepared salad, and grilled pork and chicken. It was a sumptuous feast! We've also been accommodated in an air conditioned room. I enjoyed watching movies (oh hell yeah cable TV, I miss you) and the reception of our broadband connection was really awesome. It was a 1 day yet well cherished vacation because it's the only real rest day that I had these past few months.

Second, It was fun doing the same old stuffs that I did back in high school. I, again, went to different places on my own. I discovered a lot of stuffs and met a couple of people. More importantly I could think well when I'm alone. I reread Veronika Decides to Die. I've read it twice and it's still awesome. I've seen some old faces  and also was able to communicate (through chat) with my elementary friends in Leyte hence refreshing my Visayan language skills :D.

Lastly, the OrSem preparation is ongoing. I dunno but the feel of this event is quite different from the past. There's just not much surge of excitement nor the feel of agitation and pressure compared to the previous ones. I haven't sat down and started thinking about it so I could not yet identify what's behind this unusual turn of mood. Also, I'm still busy but I'm happy to experience handling shiftee and exit interviews for leavers. It's quite tiring but hey! who cares about it when you're having fun? :D Personally, I enjoy it because aside from having to do my part for the Office, I could enhance my social skills through communication with random people. Well of course I could hear some of their problems but nothing could replace the sweet hi's, hello's, smiles and goodbyes whenever I conduct the interview. Also there are beautiful ladies >=)

So I guess that's gonna be all for now. I might blog randomly but when the thoughts flow, the words simply flow through my hands (yay! for fast typing). The only thing I could say is I really had fun. The wonderful moments, places and even those awful memoirs were over but, no matter wherever we are, be it in our new refuge, the memories will forever be etched through our souls.