Tuesday, August 31, 2010

when you report, you don't just read your presentation or your visual guide

church and sacraments class
status: bored

tonight i lay in my bed and sleep tight
i'll dream of faraway lands and green meadows
i'll walk in the plazas of italy and roam the streets of rome
tomorrow i sail the seven seas
on the third day i'll visit the london bridge
i will cross the atlantic and stroll new york
i dream of faraway places
i dream to travel and find happiness
but when i woke up it was all a dream
when i met you and saw your face i started to wonder
i thought dreaming was over
i tried to pinch my self ti see if i'm really awake
when i did, all i could say was hi
you smiled and said hello!
but sad i was, you had to go
nevertheless, i saw that face of yours
which i'll remember even in the days to come
i dream of paris, seoul, and singapore
but your smile i could only find here at home


i wrote this within 5 minutes because the topic reporters were really bad

Monday, August 30, 2010

One more month and you're about to wake me up.

disclaimer: no caps, no proper sentence structure shift key broken

this month is about to end and now i wonder whatever happened to my june and july. time flies so fast that a lot of things could happen in a split second. i'm here right now typing on my laptop and wondering at the same time what might happen with my september. oh well i'm contented with what had transpired but i still hope for bigger things to come. funny some people might have found their own paths to walk through and others just want to explore more, but the thing is, a few seconds have passed and *poof* new people come, you meet them, you greet them, and now they're your friends.

so much for that, i would like to start this day by saying fuck you guys hahahaha.
well i don't mean anything mean, it's just my way of uhmm probably 'waking you up' lol
and yeah, speaking of waking up, i woke up real good, slept real good. it's been cold though.
now i have to live through this day. my goal would be to come back to bed alive. i just have to survive easy ain't it. gahh retarted keyboard, i can't even type question marks.

i'm looking for a great day ahead. doing good stuff, doing the usual things, and meeting beautiful people.
with that, i end this post by saying get up you lazy asses, the sun's waiting for you.

i woke up and the grasses are green

oh haii there.

So guys, you see, life isn't complicated.
You only need to wake up, survive, and sleep.

that's all for my initial post ^_^
have a nice day you trolls.