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A reflection paper where I did not really reflect. The sabog Legacy Project Reflection paper

I made this in 30 minutes so don't expect anything good. :D

As the word legacy enters my mind, I can’t help but wonder what legacy I’ll be leaving in the Ateneo de Naga University. I have spent a total of 8 years, 4 being in high school and hopefully just another 4 here in college. For 4 years in college, I’ve been a student of IT and a student volunteer at the College Guidance Center. I admit that I have not brought anything worthy of any shiny thing like medals or perhaps a certificate that would make the University make me a banner to be hung on top of the gate. In fact I’ve never gone out of the school to participate in any academic contests to represent the school. I am just another average student taking his college course. I am very lazy and I procrastinate a lot. But somehow, there’s something that people see in me that makes them think I’m worthy of something greater. Some of my colleagues think of me as someone to look up to. However, I’m not the kind of person who steps in the limelight and enjoys catching the spotlight. I enjoy being in the shadows just watching what other people do. I just sit in one corner and observe people do stuff and learn more about them. Being in the spotlight feels awkward for me. Every time someone greets me for something like a job well done, I could only give a “thank you” without thinking that I’ve actually done something. That’s me, plain and simple, living in the shadows, behind other people who are capable of actually doing something better. But no, I’m not the one who gets jealous of that stuff, I am contented.

So what legacy might I bring? Apparently, the shadows might not be the place for me as my passion keeps burning setting ablaze something within me. My once darkened corner has found something worthy to keep a fire burning. I could not say that I actually excel in academics. I suck at it and I can easily admit it without regret. On the other hand, I like my task as a student volunteer and peer counselor. I must admit that it’s very tiring and it sometimes coincides with my more important academics. But somehow, every sweat that I get from volunteerism is easily wiped off by a happiness that comes out of nowhere. I learned a lot from my volunteer group and I have tried to apply it several times to my academics. It proved very successful so I treasure the knowledge and experience that I gained a lot.

Several sentences and two paragraphs, still I cannot justify what kind of legacy I’ll be leaving. But anyway, that’s too much for MY legacy so I should start talking about OUR legacy as a graduating batch.
What does it mean by “Legacy”?

According to a website called, a legacy is anything handed down from the pas, as from an ancestor or predecessor.

Apparently, some of my batch mates defined “legacy” as a curriculum requirement needed for a DCS student to graduate. Yes that’s sarcasm and I was really disappointed at the very start of the planning phase. I have to admit that the legacy project is another curriculum requirement but for God’s sake, this is the Ateneo de Naga University where “magis” is very much at play. To make things short, some batch mate suggested that our legacy project be a “coffee maker” for our beloved department. Alright, 4 years of studying IT and we settle with a coffee maker. No offense to our dear faculty members but I’m pretty sure they could make coffee with a simple mug, instant coffee, and hot water, which by the way are already existent in their office. More importantly, how the hell can a coffee maker help the department? I was thinking of something more useful that could very much benefit the whole student body, not just the teachers. Personally, I think that the legacy project should be something handed down by our batch to the next batches. It should be something that could help them in any way through our batch’s effort. I don’t expect the students of the College of Computer Studies lining up in front of our department’s office with their mugs so that they can ask for a cup of coffee. Well, that could work BUT seriously, no. Jesus Christ might even slap the Asian out of my face if I easily agreed to that suggestion.

Luckily, aside from me, there were other batch mates that have very open minds and have greater ideas. Finally, we’ve vanquished the evil coffee maker out of the picture. It was time to get to the serious stuff and finally we’ve came up with the idea of creating a software for a queuing system during the enrollment period. This could bring convenience upon the student’s enrollment by allowing a proper organization and lining up of students. This way, we could eliminate the unscrupulous people who tend to insert in a part of the line. There will be a proper lining up and viola, expectation of faster enrollment. (Maybe that coffee maker could help after all, the students could sip a cup of coffee while waiting, I’m just saying J )

And there it was, the preparations followed. I admire how some of my batch mates took initiative to organize the committees needed in the preparation of the software. I volunteered to be part of the coders or programmers because I know that I can help much in that group (aside from the fact that the other groups are already filled with people). Unfortunately, there’s very little time left for the creation of the system. I am very hopeful, with our skills, that we could still finish it on time. We would not allow such a very brilliant idea to be put to waste just because we couldn’t finish it on time.

Honestly, I haven’t really been hands-on yet on the programming part. The scheduled meeting always coincides with my meetings and other academic requirements. Not to mention there’s a midterm exam ongoing and there was a needed preparation for our outreach program. However, I take time to be updated with the progress in the project so that I could be aware where I’ll be butting in. Finally, a task was given to me so that I could start getting involved. I was asked to design an interface and I gladly accepted the task. Now, the preparation is ongoing and it’s not yet finished but I’m pretty sure we could accomplish it.

This talk of legacy system makes me feel excited as the time goes by. The fear of facing the unknown obstacles before the graduation is gradually fading. Moreover, I am happy enough to see that my batch mates are gradually being glued together because of this piece of work. I look forward to celebrating with them through the Tribute to Seniors. Working with them made me realize the value of team work and cooperation. Lastly, the legacy project is a milestone where it slaps me in the face with the reality that I’m about to graduate so instead of procrastinating, I should be doing my best to make sure that I graduate.
It’s the time to be more optimistic and gladly say that I can graduate. That is because we hold the capability and the responsibility to our actions. There is no more time for slowing down because the finish line is looming on the horizon.

This legacy project has somehow been the tool for me to look back at the beginning of my college life. It would somehow show me how much I have progressed in this 4 year race that I’ve been involved with. I was just a fresh high school graduate back then simply looking to hang out with my high school friends, not caring too much about academics. Now I am here typing this reflection paper as if this is the most important piece of literature that I am writing. In any sense, I look back to all my failures and mistakes that made me like this. I look back and am grateful for all the experiences and knowledge that I have gained and ready to share and impart to others. There were up and down moments but in the end, I always succeeded. As I look forward to the graduation, I do not look forward to any awards or any medals. These are just material things that manifest how much you’ve done and succeeded academically in college. I was not the kind of guy who aims for high grades and medals anyway. It was just not for me. So those nerds who get the medals can enjoy drooling on their shiny things as they lose their social life (Yes, I stereotype that those A grade-powered students don’t have social lives, they’re all study and stuff haha). My medal and certificates would be my experience.

As I’ve expressed earlier, this legacy project is something like a milestone. You would not have a legacy if you’re not leaving right? So yeah, this milestone marks the end of my college career and the start of something new. Pretty much cliché but it’s still classy.

This legacy project is the totality of my college years. It’s like a senior project but you don’t do it alone. You do it with your batch mates. It’s like a memento you’ve done together with your batch mates. It is the gold in El Dorado that we’ve discovered together after a long journey.

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