Monday, April 25, 2011

the first time :D

So instead of the usual blogging, I tried something different. Just check it out:

The New Blog

Friday, April 8, 2011

hey sup, i'm back

i'm back..but to where?

well, i've been gone from the usual school habits that i've been involved with for the past month.
it's true that in school, the home of the volunteers is my comfort zone. it's where i find warmth and comfort through the friends around me. however, sometimes, we just get bored with the usual stuff and think of new and exciting things to do. sometimes we just need to go out of our comfort zones and face a different phase in our lives.

in my case, i was just bored and changes were happening. some things weren't just the way they used to be and it seems weird that the usual people that greet you with wide smiles would now simply give you a slight nod or in worse cases, just ignore you. the worst thing that could happen is when people start giving you cold smiles and fake hi's and hello's, and lastly, men who couldn't act as real men. truly, people come and go. truly, change is the only constant thing in this world. when change starts to happen, you have three options: to stay the same, change along with everything and just do something about it when it comes, or just wait for things to happen. it's hard to change and staying the same would only mean killing yourself more so i had to do the last option.

i can say that i'm the kind of person who just walks right out the door without even saying goodbye, then go to wherever my mood brings me. so there it is, i just left out the door, went straight to a different and strange place and just let things go the way they are. it is truly strange when you go out into the frontiers and find yourself in a different setting. the only good thing i liked in the new location was the new friends that i've met. however, hostility could be imminent. some people are just... well i'm expected not to say some things and the good thing about me is that i have a lot of patience and i can control strong emotions, especially anger, and then just turn to happy thoughts. that's how my day always goes fine. :))

well after some time, almost a month. it's time to go back to the same old routine and leave the hostile place that i've been at. i could not really say i'm back. it's still feels kind of different but the people are starting to do the same good things before changes happened. the only bad thing that happened is that some people who are closer and more important to me, my mentors, would be leaving. but, i am happy for their accomplishments and all their skills, talents, and knowledge that they've shared with us.

i guess i just have to be more patient. i just have to see more things happen. maybe that transition is what i needed to see things in a different aspect. maybe that's what i needed to see things from outside the box. i'm grateful for the individual differences amongst people. i can appreciate the hostility that i had felt because it made me realize that some people are more worth keeping than others... so i decided to return to my old nook. another thing would be, i just needed a break and after being given a larger responsibility to hold the group together, i just needed some time for myself. i just needed some time for myself to stop, take a deep breath, and think.

for now, i'm just thankful.
i'll just look forward to the days to come.

i'm back at one place though, the internet. haii tharrr netizens! ^^v